2 Commonly Asked Questions About Heavy Vehicle Tyre Alignment

Heavy vehicle tyre alignment may be somewhat different than the alignment needs of your personal vehicle, as a heavy-duty truck may have more than one back axle that could need adjustment, and in some cases, the wheels of a heavy-duty truck may be purposely misaligned, something done for safety reasons. If you’re confused about terms you hear when it comes to having the wheels on your company’s heavy trucks aligned, note a few questions you might have and then discuss these with your mechanic. 1. Why is the caster purposely put out of alignment? The term caster refers to how the rim sits inside a tyre; if the rim is misaligned, the tyre will be misaligned. In some cases, the caster alignment may be set to purposely pull a truck in one direction or another. This might be done with the addition of shims or by purposely bending the axle. This caster misalignment is done in case a driver falls asleep at the wheel; in countries where you drive on the right side of the road, the caster will be set to pull the truck to the right so that it may then drift onto the shoulder rather than into incoming traffic. For countries where a person drives on the left side of the road, the left tires will have their caster adjusted slightly. If you or your drivers...

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Using Your Senses to Find a Tyre Leak

If you have found that you are filling up your tyres with air more often, it might be due to a leak. It would be nice if you found a nail or other object stuck in the tyre, as it makes it very obvious where the leak is coming from. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Using your senses can help you find the leak so you are able to patch it up instead of having to get a brand new tyre. Here are ways to use three of your senses for finding an air leak in your tyre. Look for Bubbles The first sense that helps you find a tyre air leak is your sense of sight. Unless you have found an object stuck in the tyre, it can be hard to find a crack or hole in a tyre. The best thing you can do is use soapy water to find the source of the leak. Just about any type of cleaner that makes bubbles will work for this method. Either pour some dish soap into a spray bottle with water or just grab a bottle of window cleaner. Spray the bottle in different areas of the tyre, covering small sections at a time. If you see any bubbles start to form on the tyre, that is the area of the leak. When you find a...

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Why a “Full-Empty” Fuel Policy Could Be Chasing Away Your Clients and How to Prevent the Situation

Do you run a vehicle rental company, like a minibus hire company, and your clients seem to be reducing? You could be offering the best customer services, including prompt response to customer’s requests, efficient communication systems, or keeping time as requested by your clients, but still losing them gradually. Revisit your company’s fuel option and maybe you will find your answer. You already know how important customer satisfaction is to your business. Therefore, here are reasons why your clients could be dissatisfied with your “full-empty” fuel option and how you can solve this problem. Expensive The “full-empty” option lets your clients buy a full tank from your company and returning it as empty as possible. It might not be easy to return vehicles with empty fuel tanks so if your clients return them with some fuel in the tank; they could lose out because they would have paid for fuel they did not even use. Moreover, imagine you rent a vehicle on full tank to a client and he or she uses up all the fuel, fills the tank again, but only uses half. Such a client would have spent more and could be discouraged, making him or her to look for other companies with fairer fuel policies. Since you could be operating in a highly competitive business environment, offering the lowest prices in the market, and failing to...

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Heading Away On Holidays? Fix That Gearbox Oil Leak First!

With children having up to six weeks off school over the Christmas holidays, many Australians take advantage of this time to hit the open road and explore new places. As you are planning to join the mass exodus out of town this summer, it is important your car is up to the road trip ahead. That means you need to address the oil leak that is mysteriously growing under your car every night by checking out your gearbox.  What Is A Gearbox? The gearbox of your car contains a number of metal gears that turn as your car is speeding up and slowing down. To make sure the metal teeth of the gears continue to move smoothly, they need to be continuously coated in oil, which acts as a lubricant. To keep the oil surrounding the gears, this gear mechanism is encased in a metal box, and that is your gearbox. The metal seals of your gearbox have a soft gasket that separates the two pieces, and when this gasket gets old and starts to perish, then gearbox oil can leak out. This could be the cause of the patch that has appeared under your car if the patch looks to be the area size of a tablespoon of spilled oil. Gasket leaks are slow leaks. Alternatively, the rotating shaft that runs through the gearbox also has a seal...

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Tips for Selecting Parts from Auto Recyclers

The process of auto recycling is beneficial because it allows consumers to obtain vehicle parts at lower purchase prices. Moreover, the practice is good for the environment since there is no extensive processing of the old auto parts required. If you are thinking about purchasing used parts from an auto recycler, it is critical to understand the choice. The parts are generally obtained from vehicles that are damaged. Generally, the vehicle is salvaged when the costs for refurbishment and restoration is higher than the value of the automotive. Therefore, if you are ignorant, you might not get value for your money. Here are simple tips to help you select ideal parts from auto recyclers. Know the History You should inquire about the history of the component before purchase so that you can determine if it is a good investment for your vehicle. Generally, most vehicles which are termed as salvage and dismantled for parts are obtained through crashes. The damage sustained through crashes is mainly focussed on the external panels and components that experienced direct impact. Therefore, many auto parts obtained are in good condition and will provide you with long-term service. Unfortunately, some auto parts can be obtained from vehicles that have experienced water damage in floods and off-road environments. These parts are usually in bad conditions since water causes extensive corrosion and ruins the oil receptacles. You...

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5 mistakes brides should avoid when booking transport

So your big day is just around the corner and you’re ecstatic about it. You are finally getting married to your dream partner. But wait. How do you get your guests around? The transportation section of your planning could easily be the toughest. The choice between whom to include and whom not to can be a big deal if you haven’t planned out your transport. Here is where many brides make mistakes. Whether you’re arranging limo hire or a carriage, avoid these errors. Not verifying the car owner. Ensure you know who actually owns the car. Some companies rent the car you need and become middlemen. This increases your risk of delays because you won’t be working directly with the car vendor. Thus, the company won’t be able to fully ascertain the condition and availability of the car at all times. Not thinking about traffic delays. In the final rush on your D-day, the plummeting emotions may get in the way of your planning. One thing you need to account for is the traffic. Properly timing your departure can be the thin line that separates a successful wedding from one that is filled with tragedies. Make a rough estimate of the time taken and add some 20 to 30 minutes for miscellaneous delays. Getting late may leave your guests in a state of confusion and may introduce many awkward...

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4 Tips for Moving Interstate

Moving is a mammoth project at the best of times, but moving interstate requires considerable preparation and planning. Here are some top tips to consider when preparing to move your belongings and family across Australia. Use Protection As your possessions are going to be moved a considerable distance, you will want to ensure that you pack furniture and belongings carefully. Using sturdy, removalist cartons will help to keep your belongings safe for the long haul. Use butcher’s paper to wrap small fragile items individually, and fill empty spaces with crushed paper or soft materials like socks and pillowcases to prevent movement in transit. Pack electronic equipment in the original packing materials or specialist furniture removal cartons to ensure the best possible protection. Hire Professionals Do your research and find a professional interstate company such as Aussiefast Transport Solutions that will meet your moving needs. Don’t go with the cheapest quote for frugality’s sake alone- entrusting a company with all your worldly possessions is a short-term relationship, and you need to be completely comfortable with their expertise and professionalism. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, or request customer reviews from the company directly to confirm previous customer satisfaction. Stay Flexible and in Contact All sorts of unforeseeable events can happen while moving from one state to another, so it is important to remain flexible when it comes to delivery times....

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3 Important Accessories to Use When Off-Roading in Your Ute

Taking your ute off-roading is a great experience because it gives you the chance to explore tough environments. In order to make these experiences better, you can utilise the following three accessories. Shock Absorbers When you are driving over rough terrains where there are rocks and dirt, your ute’s handling may suffer. You can change this, though, by installing shock absorbers on your ute. Shock absorbers have a high-pressure gas charge, which separates the internal oil and nitrogen. As a result, your ute will have better handling, control and performance. All-weather fluid is incorporated into these absorbers. This fluid is important because it reduces friction for a smoother rod reaction. The shock housing is extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing these absorbers often. Thanks to these absorbers, you won’t have to feel every bump and rock that your vehicle goes over. Talk to experts such as Wilkinson Suspension Centre to learn more. Automatic Running Boards If your vehicle is big, getting in and out of it can be a physically demanding, stressful task. Then, going out and off-roading can be a chore. It doesn’t have to be if you set up automatic running boards on your vehicle. Once your doors open, these boards will extend out, giving you a stable platform to step on. They will then retract in underneath your vehicle when your doors...

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Forklift Benefits

Forklifts help businesses to quickly load and unload pallets of heavy products. Forklifts also reduce labour expenses, and instances of workplace injury.

Forklift Types

There are many different types of forklifts, each suited for different types of operations. You can switch out the forks with various attachments.

Forklift Parts

The forklift operator sits inside of a cab, and the forks attach to a mast, where the attachments move up and down.