Replacing A Manual Gearbox

If your auto needs a new gearbox, many people will simply take it to a mechanic to do the job. However, it is possible to do this job yourself. It can be difficult, but not impossible. You should allow yourself a full day to do...

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Getting Your Car Resprayed? How Auto Technicians Get That Paint Colour Just Right

Whether you’re having a vintage car restored or simply having a dent ironed out and repainted on your daily ride, you want the new paint to blend seamlessly with the old. Colour matching is both art and science....

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Why You Should Get Cash For Your Car

If you have an old car that’s only barely functioning, then it might be a good idea to consider getting cash for your car. This refers to the process of exchanging your car to a salvager for cash. This is often a...

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What To Do If Your Car Has Broken Down In The Middle Of Nowhere

It can happen to anyone: you are driving along an isolated area and suddenly you realise your engine temperature gauge is indicating your engine is overheating. Or perhaps the “check engine” light has lit up on your...

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Reasons Why Executive Car Services Are Better For Business

If part of your job description involves traveling for business meetings, you are no stranger to the world of car rental services. All of the advertisements you see on television and in the newspaper probably make renting a car...

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Advice On Finding The Best Training School For You

The most common way people search for driving instructors is either through the yellow pages or a quick Google search. More often than not they will pick the biggest and nicest looking ad or the first result in Google and...

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Four Advancements That are Poised to Change the Heavy Hauling Industry

Everyday, researchers and industry leaders are looking for ways to make the heavy haulage industry more efficient and more profitable. Some of the technologies currently being developed may have the power to permanently change...

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How To Test Your Car’s Engine Compression

If your car has a lot of mileage or hasn’t been running as well as usual, it may be a good idea to test your engine compression. Your car’s engine is basically a giant air pump that works by compressing air and fuel...

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Forklift Benefits

Forklifts help businesses to quickly load and unload pallets of heavy products. Forklifts also reduce labour expenses, and instances of workplace injury.

Forklift Types

There are many different types of forklifts, each suited for different types of operations. You can switch out the forks with various attachments.

Forklift Parts

The forklift operator sits inside of a cab, and the forks attach to a mast, where the attachments move up and down.