Avoid These Terrible Mistakes When Using a Part-Time Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle

A part-time four-wheel drive vehicle usually runs on a two-wheel system unless you come across mud and other slippery surfaces, in which case you’ll activate the four wheel drive mode. Basically, this means that the 4WD mode should not be used on dry surfaces where the vehicle has no issues with traction. Some may lie to you that your vehicle is strong and using the four-wheel mode on dry surfaces will not lead to any problems. It’s true. Some models are stronger than others are, meaning they will break later. Here is what you need to understand about the common usage mistakes you might make with a part-time four-wheel drive vehicle: Travelling on High-traction Surfaces in 4 WD Mode You need to understand that part-time four-wheel drive vehicles do not have a centre differential. When you activate the four-wheel mode, the tyres cannot rotate at different speeds. This is referred to as axial binding, an occurrence that interferes with the smooth navigation of corners and makes steering difficult. Eventually, the components of the differential system will start to fail because of the immense stress caused by the axial binding. Starting Out with the Wheels Turned Sharply If your wheels are sharply turned to any of the sides, make sure that the four-wheel drive (4WD) is inactive before you start driving from a standstill. Turning the wheels means that that...

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Some Interesting Ideas for Your Custom Grain Trailer

Grain trailers are invaluable assets to have as a farmer. They are of utmost important when it comes to transporting grain, be it for sale or storage. If you are looking to acquire a grain trailer, this article will clue you in on some handy ideas you might want to add to your custom vehicle unit. Below, find out what these features are and how they can add value to your new grain trailer.   Side doors Normally, grain trailers have an open top. This is the area used to load the bins with grain. The trailers also have a rear tipper door which opens up during offloading. In addition to these two, you could also have additional side doors fabricated onto the grain trailers. These side doors could have some important uses down the line. For example, the doors could be used when loading the trailers with items other than grain, e.g. equipment. This would save you from having to load your cargo via the roof. The side doors could also be used when the trailer needs to be cleaned, inspected or repaired. Electric roll tarp To protect grain, most grain trailers have a tarp that is rolled on and off before and after loading grain. You could replace that with an electric roll tarp in your custom grain trailer. Electric roll tarps are available in the market...

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Five Features and Accessories You Need If You Want to Live in a Caravan Full Time

If you plan to live in a caravan full time, there are certain accessories and features you should have. Wondering what you need for a comfortable nomadic lifestyle? Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you shop: 1. Toilet Not all caravans for sale come with built-in toilets or showers, and while that works fine in many cases, it’s not ideal if you plan to live in the caravan full time. Having a toilet gives you freedom from always having to find a hole in the woods, an RV park with toilets or other options. Instead, regardless of where you are, you always have a place you can relieve yourself and get clean. 2. A Separate Bedroom If you are travelling with more than one person, there will be times when you need to take a break from each other. So that is possible, look for a caravan with a separate bedroom. In lieu of that, curtains over a bunk or a door that divides the caravan in half can also be extremely useful. 3. Awning An awning attaches easily to the side of most caravans. It can be rolled up while you are driving and extended when you reach your location. It can provide shade to your windows, helping to keep the inside of your caravan cool in hot temperatures. More importantly, however, an awning creates...

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4 Parts of Your Vehicle You Need to Check During Freezing Conditions

Roads can become slick and treacherous when temperatures drop below freezing. That means that it really pays to stay vigilant and careful when you’re driving, but you should also take extra care before getting inside and starting the engine. If you’ve been experiencing a cold snap, your vehicle will also have been put under added pressure. To make sure you’ll be driving in a vehicle that won’t put your safety at risk, make sure you check the following parts of the car or have a professional look over them for you. 1. Your Fluids Fluids can naturally suffer during colder weather; even more viscous liquids like your engine oil can be affected. Other fluids to check include power steering liquid, brake system liquid, and transmission fluids. Remember, these liquids don’t have to actually freeze in order to create problems. When the temperature starts to drop, they can begin to thicken, making it tougher for your car to get them where they need to go. Transmission fluids need to flow particularly quickly. Make sure your car will function properly by having these liquids checked regularly during freezing conditions. 2. Your Tire Pressure Tire pressure is something that people often forget to consider, usually reasoning that only an actual leak could make any difference. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Hot or cold temperatures also affect tire pressure, with experts estimating...

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When Should You Use Genuine Name Brand Parts on Your Car?

When it comes to car repairs, the choice between genuine parts and off-brand parts can be a difficult one, as you may be worried about the quality of off-brand parts but also the price of genuine, name brand parts. While it’s your final decision as to which is better for your car, you might note a few times when the investment in name-brand parts can be the better option overall. Resale value Are you looking to sell your car sometime soon and are hoping to retain as much of its value as possible? If you want to sell your car sometime in the near or distant future, you should consider name brand parts. These often allow a car to hold its resale value better than off-brand parts simply because they’re usually known to last longer. Someone buying a used car will be worried about its integrity and amount of life that car will have left, so knowing that it has genuine name brand parts under the hood can increase the resale value or at least not allow it to dip as much as having off-brand parts. Keeping the car The other side of using name brand parts because you’re going to sell the car is considering using the best parts available because you want to keep the car as long as you can. Name brand parts may fit better...

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Some Common Problems With Your Car’s Differential System and Drive Train

A differential system is what allows your car’s tires to spin at different speeds without slowing down the car or making it difficult to turn. Without a differential system, the wheels would need to be on casters so they could spin freely and separately when you turn, like a shopping cart, but this type of system could not support your car and might allow it to skid and slide every time you turn the wheel. The differential system is a set of bearings and gears that allow the wheels to then spin independently of each other while still being connected through the drive train or steering system. If you’re having some trouble with steering or controlling your car, it could be a problem in the differential system. Note a few of these common problems so you can know what to expect by way of repairs. Banging or crunching when turning The gears of the differential system need to fit the gears to which your car’s tires are connected. When these gears are worn or not fitted any longer, you will often hear a banging or crunching as the teeth move out of position and hit the gears themselves. This often happens when you turn, as this is when the differential system is most likely to be affected. Very often you simply need to have these gears replaced. Vibration that...

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Car buying mistakes to avoid

Buying a new car is often an exciting experience for many car shoppers. However, it’s also a complicated process which may see you end up overpaying by considerable amounts of money or stuck with a car that you will not be pleased with down the road. Here are 3 mistakes that many car shoppers often make that may quickly turn that early enthusiasm into buyer regret and how to steer clear of them. Ignoring the test drive One of the most crucial aspects when buying a new car is conducting a test drive. Many cars look fantastic on paper, particularly in stylish brochure photos. Nevertheless, the test drive is your best opportunity to gauge how the new car measures up to your anticipations. You do not want nasty surprises once you’ve parted with your money. That is why it’s shocking that many car buyers give new cars only a token test or, even worse, nothing at all. In reality, that’s a blunder and a sure formula for buyer regret. It’s crucial that you take at least half an hour to carry out a test drive as well as comprehensive walk-around of any new car you’re considering. Concentrating solely on the monthly payments when negotiating Salespersons prefer to work with a monthly-payment sum when negotiating a car buying deal. As a potential car buyer, you will likely face this question,...

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Car Service | 4 Probable Symptoms Of An Ignition Coil Failure In Your Car

When your ignition coils begin to fail, your check engine light may turn on and will alert you that something is wrong. Your ignition coils are vital to your engine because they transfer power from the generator to the spark plugs. This guide arms you with probable symptoms of an ignition coil failure in your car. You will need to get this problem checked and fixed at a car service immediately. Your Engine Starts To Misfire When the ignition coils fail, your engine may begin to misfire. When the engine misfires, you will experience a rough ride and will notice coughing and spluttering inside. A weak ignition coil can also cause a misfire. The engine begins to shake and vibrate when it is idle and this vibration is felt in the steering wheel. Also, an engine that misfires has a high level of hydrocarbons and may emit more pollution than necessary. A car repair service will need to check the ignition coils to establish a viable fix. Your Vehicle Won’t Start   Another symptom of an ignition coil failure is when you car won’t start. This inability to start is typically accompanied with a high tension lead problem. Your vehicle does not start because a failed ignition coil doesn’t allow the spark plugs to acquire the correct amount of charge. The job of an ignition coil is to convert...

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Forklift Benefits

Forklifts help businesses to quickly load and unload pallets of heavy products. Forklifts also reduce labour expenses, and instances of workplace injury.

Forklift Types

There are many different types of forklifts, each suited for different types of operations. You can switch out the forks with various attachments.

Forklift Parts

The forklift operator sits inside of a cab, and the forks attach to a mast, where the attachments move up and down.